Stories of Tom and Julia
Sweet Child Of Mine - Part 4b

Second part of the chapter :)

Michael sat and looked at Julia as she drank her tea. They hadn’t spoken much as they’d walked to the coffee shop, neither of them particularly knew what to say. 

"You left without speaking to me." Michael finally broke the silence. Julia continued drinking her tea and staring at her cup. "You barely said two words to me and then you left. I had no idea where we stood."

"I thought I’d made that pretty clear." Julia said.

"Ok, maybe you did. Why are you back here now then? Why are we meeting at 8am? If you don’t want to see me why come back here?"

Julia sighed and closed her eyes. “Things have become a little more complicated…”

"Really? How?"

Julia opened her eyes and looked at him. “I’m pregnant” she said in a quiet voice. Micheal’s eyes widened.

"You…are?" He put his hand on hie forehead. "And…it’s mine?"

"Why else would I come all the way out to Boston to tell you?"

"Oh my god…oh my god! What are we going to do about this?" He was shocked but had an air of excitement in his voice.

"We aren’t going to do anything. I’m going to have this baby. With Frank."

Michael’s face fell. “What? With Frank? But Julia…this is MY baby…”

"Yes, and it was a mistake. We didn’t plan to have a child, we planned to not see each other again. I’m married, I have a family, and I want to keep them."

"But it’s not Frank’s child."

I know. He knows.”

"Wait, he knows? And he knows it’s not his?"


"Julia" he said in a low angry voice "Why would you tell me that you’re carrying my child if you had no intention of being with me, even letting that baby be my child. Why would you do that?"

"I…I needed you to know. I had to tell you."

"Great. This is just great. I left my wife and child for you!"

Julia glared at him and looked around, indicating he was making a scene. “You did that of your own accord.” She hissed. “I didn’t ask you to do that, I didn’t WANT you to do that, you did that yourself and I can’t be held responsible for it.”

"Julia, you cannot tell me this. You’re carrying my child. I have a right to be a father to it." He stood up. "I have an early rehearsal." And he left.


"So, Derek’s been pushing us pretty hard but you should ignore what the papers are saying, the audiences are loving it." Sam leaned back in the comfortable lobby chair and sipped his coffee. "Seriously, they cannot get enough."

"Well, I’ve learned not to listen to the critics" Tom replied "but it’s nice to get a first hand view as well." He smiled. "And it’s so good to see you again. I didn’t realise I’d miss you this much after a few days."

Sam nudged Tom’s leg with his toe. “You’re such a sap.” He smiled, and looked out the window. “Hey, isn’t that Michael?” Tom turned to look, and they both watched Michael walk briskly down the street, a dark look on his face. Tom instinctively looked to watch for Julia behind him, but couldn’t see her.

"He has an early rehearsal" Sam said. "Derek’s been calling them these past few days to get some of the newer stuff down. Speaking of which…" he checked his watch "I’ve been called for a half hour. I’ll have to see you later." He stood and kissed Tom. "Drop by the theatre, people will want to see you. And where’s Julia? You two are usually joined at the hip but I’ve not seen her since you got here."

Tom just gave him a weak smile, as he continued to scan the street for Julia.


"Julia…Julia it’s Tom. I saw Michael come past the hotel by himself, are you ok? What happened? Please call me back sweetie." Tom hung up and sighed. He looked out the window at the sunny morning. 

He was debating what to do with himself when a figure flew past the window and through the front door. “Julia!” He started across the lobby to chase after her. “Julia! Wait…” He caught up with her just as she was about to press the button for the elevator. “What happened? I saw Michael, is everything ok?”

"No, Tom, everything is not ok. I’m going home."

"Wait, what? Julia we just got here…"

"I know, and you were right it was a stupid mistake so I’m going home."

"Julia…JULIA." He held her shoulders and turned her to face him. "I have spent the last few days jumping backwards and forwards between New York and Boston for you. Please let’s just stay in one place for five minutes!" He loosened his grip. "Now. There’s a park a few minutes down the street. Let’s go for a walk, and you can tell me what happened."


They walked in silence until they got to the park. Tom could tell that Julia was going over things in her head, and he was quite happy to let her do that for a while. After a while they got to a bench next to a small pond in the middle of the park. Tom motioned for Julia to sit.

"It’s beautiful in here." She said. Tom nodded.

"It really is. I came here a couple of times when we were first up here."

"You did?" Julia turned to look at him. 

"Yep. Although, you wouldn’t have known as you weren’t talking to me at the time."

"Ah. yes." Julia replied. She put her hand on his. "I’m lucky to have you, Tom."

He squeezed her hand back. “You are, but now is not a time for a friendship dissection. Not when we’re opening a show, and not when we’re trying to discuss your baby situation.” 

"Save it for Tony night, right?"

Tom laughed. “See? You’re funny! That’s why you write the words and I write the tunes.”

"We really are good at that aren’t we?" Julia said, turning to watch the birds on the water.

Tom smiled. He turned to her. “So what happened?”

"He wants to have a part in the baby’s life." Julia sighed. "You were right. He’s not going to leave this be."

"Can you blame him?" Tom asked. Julia shook her head.

"Of course not. And, I’m glad I told him. It would’ve just eaten me up if I hadn’t. I just…I don’t know what to do now."

"Well, running back to New York isn’t going to solve anything." 

"But maybe it will. Maybe I can just go back to Frank and have my family."

"Julia. You came out here to deal with something. You need to make sure it’s finished properly before you go home or you’ll be playing this game forever."

"Oh god" Julia put her head in her hands. "I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know how to face him."

Tom took her hands away from her face. “Yes, you do. You can do this. Just take it a step at a time.” She nodded.

"Now. Why don’t we go see the matinee of a fabulous new musical that’s just opened down the street? I hear it’s a hit…"

"I’ve heard good things about it. The writers are amazing apparently. Also there’s a hot chorus boy in it I know you’ll love…"

Tom laughed and kissed Julia’s forehead. “Come on. Let’s start by making you look at him on stage before you have to talk to him in person.”

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